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Hydro Programme

The hydro programme which the Department is embarking aims to develop feasible hydro sites to provide power for socio-economic growth for the rural communities. It involves surveying, installation of long term monitoring stations and actual implementation of potential sites.
Usually upon requests, 3 surveys are often carried out first for a particular site and if feasible the site is then ranked with other previously surveyed sites; its rank will determine how long it will take before the site is monitored.

Monitoring period usually takes two to three years to complete and can be extended if some data are missing due to technical problems with our monitoring equipment’s or to the monitoring stations. After the monitoring period and if proven feasible, basic designing and detailed designing are carried out for the site, furthermore for actual implementation of a hydro project, funding will be sought from interested donors. The communities/village can write directly to the Department if they want a hydro survey to be carried at the identified creek/spring close to their location.


The following are points to note before applying for survey of a hydro site:

•    The site surveyed should have water flowing all throughout the year
•    be located at a high elevation located not too far off from the village
•    not be utilized for any other purposes e.g. drinking water etc.    
•    have an appropriate topography suitable for construction of the different components of a hydro project.

The Department had compiled a “Hydro Potential Report Volume 2 (1994-2006)” which encapsulates all the information of the hydro sites that have been surveyed and monitored by the Department. The report is made available to donor agencies and stakeholders who are interested to fund the implementation of some of these potential sites.

Work carried out so far in 2007


The hydro project involves the survey of 6 sites and the names of these
sites and their status with respect to surveys is outlined in the table below.

Table Showing Hydro Survey Sites and Status of Surveys in 2007


The following is a list of places in which the DOE currently has its hydro monitoring stations installed.

  • Navakasali, Bua
  • Korolevu, Navosa
  • Delaivione, Taveuni
  • Vunisea, Macuata
  • Nukuloa, Gau



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