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Since it is a government initiative to reduce fuel importation & environment pollution and save your money by converting electricity generation from fossil fuel to renewable energy, the Department of Energy (DOE) with the World Bank is promoting the use of solar, hydro or coconut oil fuel (alternative fuel for diesel) for lights or electricity generation and also energy efficiency equipments to reduce your electricity bills, through the ‘Sustainable Energy Financing Project (SEFP)’ loan scheme. With this scheme you can use your monthly savings that was used on fuel or electricity bill as your loan repayments.
• This offer applies to anyone (individual/community/private/business) who want to use or supply energy efficiency, solar, hydro or coconut oil fuel equipments for electrification purposes
• You can purchase from any supplier either locally or overseas as long as the equipments/proposals are approved by the World Bank
• ANZ and FDB are giving loans at the moment and you can apply through any branch in Fiji
• You will need to provide only 50% security on your loan since the World Bank provides the other 50% as guarantee.

The Department of Energy (DOE) is the executive agency for the World Bank in implementing The Sustainable Energy Financing Project (SEFP). The SEFP is about making renewable energy and energy efficiency equipments more affordable for the people that need it most whether it be individuals, communities, private, businesses, rural or urban. It does this, not with grants or subsidies, but by providing people with more control in how they pay for energy. Through the SEFP, financial assistance in the form of a loan can help spread out the upfront cost into more manageable amounts. Within a few years the loan is paid off and the customer now owns their renewable energy system or energy efficiency equipments and is saving money. The SEFP makes it easier for customers to get low interest loans to purchase renewable energy and energy efficiency equipment. The guarantee is valid till December 2017.
The SEFP supports three renewable energy technologies; Solar Photovoltaic (PV); Pico-Hydro; and using Coconut Oil as a Diesel Fuel alternative for generating electricity. In addition energy efficiency equipments are included and other sustainable energy technologies can be considered.
The SEFP partners with multiple banks and financial institutions in FIJI so that customers have more choice and flexibility in accessing financial assistance. Currently ANZ and FDB are the only Participating Financial Institution (PFI).

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