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Biofuel Development Unit

The need for alternative, cheaper and locally-available fuel supply is a development priority of the Government of Fiji. This project is to prepare for the establishment of Fiji's Bio-fuel Industry Development Programme to address the decline in European Union's preferential prices for sugar, increasing fuel prices and the consecutive increase in demand for energy. It is recognized and scientifically proven that coconut oil and ethanol from sugar are great potentials to meet the fuel demand for Fiji. Results from this preparatory assistance phase would determine the design of project implementation that would maximize cross-cutting benefits on environmental sustainability (through climate change mitigation while ensuring minimum impacts on biodiversity conservation) and sustainable development (through financial savings on reduced imported fuels, employment opportunities and reduced urban migration). The Biofuel Development Unit was approved by Cabinet and established in September, 2005 with the Assistance from the United Nation Development Project (UNDP) as requested by the Government of Fiji.

Responsibilities of Biofuel Development Unit

To ensure the timely implementation of a biofuels industry in Fiji in 2007/2015, which will be facilitated by the Biofuel Development Unit under the Department of Energy, the following activities agreed to by the Government of Fiji to be carried out by relevant authorized local agencies:

  • Establish biofuel standards
  • Biofuel testing trials
  • Coordination of government and private sector efforts in ethanol & biodiesel production
  • Coordinate the development of a wider biofuels industry in terms of policy framework and legislation
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