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DoE 05/2015: Technical Officer II (MEPSL - Air Conditioning) – 1 Post (S – Project)

The officer reports to the Director of Energy through Principal Scientific Officer and its duties include;
1. Assist in the implementation of Minimum Energy Performance Standards and Labeling (MEPSL) program
2. Provide technical assistance and advice on energy performance standards and guidelines for air conditioners and household refrigerators and freezers.
3. Provide technical analysis on comparative energy consumptions for air conditioners and other electrical appliances.
4. Processing of applications for importation of air conditioners and MEPSL regulated products.
5. Assist in regular training programs for officials from Customs and Freight agents.
6. Carry out inspections of all products regulated under the MEPSL program
7. Carry out MEPSL compliance audits for shops around the country.
8. Assist and engage in Public and stakeholder awareness and education programs on regulating electrical products under MEPSL program.
9. Assist in the promotion of energy conservation and efficiency initiatives and general importance of energy through public awareness programs
10. Assist in the implementation of demand side management programs that will help establish an energy efficient economy.

QUALIFICATION: Diploma in Air conditioning and Refrigeration or equivalent from a recognized institution with a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience in air conditioning and refrigeration. Alternatively, Trade certificate in Air conditioning and Refrigeration with minimum 6 years of industry experience will be considered. Computing skill/Literacy in Computing applications and sound industry knowledge are preferred.
A pass in Service Examinations H (1), H (2) & S is advantageous.
DoE 06/2015: Project Manager (Fiji Renewable Energy Power) - 1 Post (S – Project)

DUTIES OF THE POST: The post report to the Director of Energy and its duties includes:
1. Coordinate assessment of existing regulations, and put in place an overarching legal regulatory framework on energy based on a clear and consistent energy policy.
2. Coordinate establishment of a centralized clearing-house mechanism for repository of renewable energy data
3. Coordinate publishing of renewable energy resource assessment results for Fiji.
4. Coordinate feasibility assessments of renewable energy investments
5. Coordinate re-establishment of the renewable energy market in Fiji through the establishment of a demonstration waste-to-energy plant or facility
6. Coordinate capacity-building programs such as integrated energy planning for the Department of Energy and the energy sector
7. Coordinate compilation of internal management reports for policy planning and projects under his/her portfolio.
8. Identification of barriers and possible response measures for the uptake of renewable energy projects in Fiji
9. Assist in provision of technical analysis and advice with regards to financial and regulatory frameworks impacting the energy sector

QUALIFICATION: Possess a relevant Post Graduate Qualification and Degree in Science/Renewable/Energy Policy/Economics from a recognizes institute and have at least 3 years’ experience in project management, working with consultants, energy sector or other related fields, and management from a recognized institute with at least 1 year experience in the relevant field.
Must have experience and knowledge in the development of sustainable energy projects and infrastructure, renewable energy technologies, policy planning and management, public relation and marketing and skills in Information Technology.

For further enquiries of advertised vacancies please contact the Post Processing Unit.
However should you require additional information do not hesitate to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone on 3381444.


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